Boarderco started in 1999. It was set us to help Irish skaters get a name for themselves here and work their way into the European/us ranks or just live the dream and skate every damn day!

Choose which rider gets paid when you purchase online here.

We skate and test all our boards and are happy with the contructions we have over the years.

All clothing in packed, printed or embroidered here in Dublin Ireland.

Good thing do come to those who… SKATE! 

Former team riders are , Bernard Rae, Blayney Hamilton, Rob Benson,James Black, Jay Reddan, Thomas Kalbolm ( Norway), Johno Whelan,Martin Regnel (Sweden) James Gardner (uk) Steve Kelly, Joe Hill, Dave Hurley,  Conhuir Lynn, Gav Coughlan , Keith Walsh, Darfo,  some who have now got on US flow deals . " respect" Its great to see some Irish skaters on the  way up.

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