An Irish skateboard company for skateboarders by skateboarders.


Welcome to the home of the Irish skateboarding team Boarderco, founded in Ireland in 1999 by Irish sponsored skateboard pro Wayne Gallagher, aka Wayne G.


Our vision for Boarderco was to create a skater owned skateboard brand that would directly appeal to the Irish skate culture. As the global phenomenon of skateboarding was taking off globally, back in the late 1999s Ireland, skateboarding was only in its infancy stages of popularity. It was around then that Wayne G had a vision, instead of waiting for the industry to truly seep across the Atlantic into Irish soil, Wayne decided to take the business leap of faith and decided to create his own skateboard brand Boarderco. Since the beginning, Boarderco has rapidly and creatively embedded itself as one of the ultimate status symbols of Irish skateboarding. At the true heart of our company, we always had deep down desire to try help and promote Irish skateboarding, we sponsored many riders over the years to give them a solid foundation where theycould build their careers as sponsored skateboarders. It was this positive drive and inspirational vision of two skateboarding friends, Mike Keane and Wayne G that officially launched Boarderco into the world.


Over the years, Boarderco has been somewhat of asponsorship flying saucer hovering over the Irish landscape, ready to spot and abduct the next generation of skateboarding talent to add to ourteam. Throughout the years, the team consisted of a number of extremely talented Irish and International pros, along with a lethal crew of hungry amateurs. Some of Boardercos former team riders include, Bernard Rae, Blayney Hamilton, Rob Benson, James Black, Jason Reddan, Joe Hill, Thomas Kalbolm (Norway) Johno Whelan, Martin Regnal (Swedan) James Garner (UK) Steve Kelly. Two names that stand out are Conhuir Lynn and Gav Coughlan who have got on US Flow ‘Massive respect to them both’. It is great to see some Irish skaters on the way up, building their careers from the raw concrete streets of Irish skateboarding.


‘At the heart of Boarderco is a true love for skateboarding’ – Team Rider


Back in 1999 when the skateboarding culture was only at its infancy stage, Wayne G took the business leap with a deep inner belief that whatever the future may hold for Irish skateboarding then Boarderco was going to be part of that journey. Flip on 21 years later, Boarderco has solidified its brand name as a true supporter and supplier of Irish skateboards. Today Boarderco still grinds on andhas its own online store that provides uniquecustom printed apparel and high quality Canadian maple skateboards. The quality of the skateboards are sourced from some of the worlds leading skateboard suppliers and the screen-printing and embroidery works are carefully constructed and overseen by the man Wayne G himself, ensuring there is a creative close eye kept on the brands unique designs and high quality products.


At the heart of the Boarderco is a true love for skateboarding, that is the ultimate driving force behind our brand. Boarderco now offers its team riders the opportunity to make commission through the sales of our products, to give back to those who love and support Irish skateboarding. We would like to thank everyone who has supported our brand over the years and also for all those who we shared many great memories of shredding the Irish streets together, to all our riders past and present, one love from Boarderco.

Wayne Gallagher CEO